If you want to to use in OOTP, open the Add-Ons Central (game menu or entry screen),


click on "Add a Server" (bottom right)

and enter, ""

Click save, and now all mods are available to install easily in the game.

**Important, after you have downloaded a mod, please click the INSTALL button next to it."

If you have a mod to submit to you can upload it using our public FTP account: (see image) then just let the staff know that you have sent in a mod by clicking the submit button on the left and sending us an email

New Management

Before I write another word I would like to extend my gratitude to Charlie for all the effort and most importantly, care, that he has put into the OOTP community.

For those of us who have been around awhile the evolution of mod sites has been a windy & sometimes rocky road. The days of 3 or 4 competing sites, evolved to me hosting the files for whomever was willing to create website. Padresfan was the longest serving of that group, but as tends to happen, he moved on to other interests. It is at this point that Charlie stepped in and unified the process under creating another stage in OOTP community development.

There have been many attempts at an OOTPwiki over the years. On the surface the project looks like a no-brainer but it takes a unique set of circumstances for a wiki to be successful. Not only do you need an active community, that community has to believe that the recourses backing the effort are in it for the long haul all while including the community in evolutionary effort. in short, not only does the community need to feel they have a real stake in the effort, they need to feel the ground is stable.

Some time ago (due to a head injury I honestly don't remember the timeline, and don't want to bother looking it up) we started the project under the banner of the Corporate League Baseball online league community, this was not done as some goofy online league marketing stunt. It was done to inject a sense of community ownership into the very DNA of the project. These things matter when you are evolving into a hobby based community.

That brings us to today.

Over that last couple of weeks Charlie and I and been dotting i's and crossing t's to bring the rights and responsibilities of under the CLB/ umbrella. ... Today it is so.

What does that mean?

For today it means is fully operational. We have a small staff of 2 unemployed, college aged children so please feel free to begin making submissions. if you have made submissions in the past and they have not been updated, please resubmit. we do apologize for any inconvenience.

for the immediate future it means that will shortly be moving onto the server and hopefully we can fix the final issue we have been having with the wiki, it's WYSIWYG editor.

For the long term future it is our goal to turn this into a self perpetuating community, where we are no longer under the tyranny of a single person operating community resources. We imagine a time when the OOTP community evolves from a collection of game enthusiasts to a hobby based community, and that community owns and operates the communities resources in the name of, and to benefit, this community.

But that is a long term goal, for today, the headline is. is under mew management, and welcomes your participation.

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