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Modern Day MLB, MiLB and NCAACreatorUpdatedSizeForum Link
Cape Cod League Uniforms Fyrestorm32013-04-116.1 MBInfo
Caribbean Baseball Uniforms and Logos for OOTPeriqjaffe2013-04-1122.8 MBInfo
European Baseball Uniforms and Logos for OOTPeriqjaffe2013-04-1174 MBInfo
Improved 2011 FaceGen Images - Revised MarinersRobin2013-01-22189.7 KB 
2012 MiLB CapsDaren Landers2012-11-0824.1 MB 
2012 MiLB JerseysDaren Landers2012-11-0822.5 MB 
2012 MLB Caps and JerseysDaren Landers2012-11-0821.2 MB 
NCAA Division I Caps and Jerseys - Replicas and fictionaleriqjaffe2012-01-0487.7 MB 
2011 MLB Draft FaceGen ImagesChicagofan762011-11-274 MBInfo
Improved 2011 FaceGen Images - Revised Cubs minor leaguersmd54322011-07-10768.3 KBInfo
2011 MiLB Jerseys and Capsreds12011-07-0236.5 MBInfo
2011 MLB Jerseys and Capsreds12011-07-0212.1 MB 
Improved 2010 FaceGen Images - Revised Blue Jays and other playersDavidJay2011-01-03278.7 KBInfo
2010 FaceGen Image Pack - Over 1000 FaceGen images for current playerscephasjames2010-06-2617.5 MB 
Independent League UniformsNo Pepper2010-02-054 MBInfo
Alternative MiLB/MLB UniformsAthletics172009-12-2332.4 MBInfo
2009 Uniform Updates Part 2Matter20032009-06-072.1 MB 
MLB Compiled Jersey Pack (1960-2008)fhommess2008-07-1919 MB 
American Association of Independent Baseballhewhoms2008-07-05487.6 KB 
2008 MLB & MiLB Uniforms by Icy/JFalcon/hewhoms/Matter2003All2008-06-1712.9 MB 
2009 Uniform Updates Part 1Matter20032008-06-1712.9 MB 
2006 AAA Cap/Jersey/Logo ImagesJFalcon2007-07-221.5 MB 
2006 MLB Cap/Jersey/Logo ImagesJFalcon2007-07-221.6 MB 
2007 AAA Uniform Packudbacker2007-07-222.4 MB 
California League (A) Uniform PackMatter20032007-07-22528.7 KB 
Carolinahewhoms2007-07-221.3 MB 
Eastern League (AA) Uniform PackMatter20032007-07-221.6 MB 
Florida Statehewhoms2007-07-22602.5 KB 
MidwestMatter20032007-07-221.3 MB 
MLB Cap Logos Packfhommess2007-07-222 MBInfo
MLB Jersey Logos Packfhommess2007-07-226.6 MBInfo
Northwest League (A) Uniform PackMatter20032007-07-221016.5 KB 
NYPennMatter20032007-07-221.5 MB 
Pioneer League (A) Uniform PackMatter20032007-07-221 MBInfo
South Atlantic League (A) Uniform PackMatter20032007-07-221.4 MB 
Southern League (AA) Uniform PackMatter20032007-07-22433.7 KB 
Texas League (AA) Uniform PackMatter20032007-07-22324.9 KB 
Historical MLB and MiLBCreatorUpdatedSizeForum Link
Historical MLB Ballcaps CompilationGambo2013-04-2260.9 MBInfo
Historical MLB Jerseys CompilationGambo2013-04-22148.5 MBInfo
Pacific Coast League Uniforms (1903-1957)No Pepper2011-10-2920.3 MBInfo
Historical FaceGen Image Pack - Over 18,000 images for historical & current playersHFP Team2011-06-22147.7 MB 
MLB Compiled Uniform Pack (1901-2011)
Compilation submitted by Gambo. Includes the work of Gambo, acetonic, fhomness, Matter2003,
No Pepper, reds1, Cooleyvol, Gem44, Comedian2004 and Athletics14
All2011-03-0576.4 MB 
Negro Leagues Uniform Pack (1887-1960)No Pepper2011-01-1836.3 MBInfo
Historical Major League Uniforms (1901-1919)No Pepper2010-10-1333.2 MB 
Semi-Historical Class D Minor League UniformsNo Pepper2010-08-295 MBInfo
Federal League Uniform PackNo Pepper2009-11-093 MBInfo
Historical Minor League Uniforms v1.3No Pepper2009-11-0916.5 MBInfo
National Association Uniform SetNo Pepper2009-06-232 MB 
Vintage Jersey Styles v2.0No Pepper2009-06-23651.8 KBInfo
19th Century Uniform Packfhomess2009-06-196.3 MBInfo
1920's Uniform Packacetonic2009-06-148.9 MB 
MLB Compiled Jersey Pack (1930-1959)No Pepper2009-06-0113.1 MBInfo
Cape Cod Baseball League Uniform Packdavwms2008-08-301.3 MB 
Can-Am Independent Leaguehewhoms2008-07-04921.6 KB 
1901 Uniform Packacetonic2007-07-22940.2 KB 
1990's MLB Uniform PackAlphasim2007-07-22278 KB 
Deadball Era Uniform PackCooleyvol2007-07-222.6 MB 
Federal League Uniform Packacetonic2007-07-22732.1 KB 
Negro League Uniform PackColleyvol2007-07-221.4 MBInfo
Pacific Coast League Uniform PackCooleyvol2007-07-22764 KB 
Southern Association Uniform PackCooleyvol2007-07-221020.8 KB 
1977 Uniform and Logo SetGambon/an/aInfo
InternationalCreatorUpdatedSizeForum Link
Puerto Rico Uniformsdavwms2011-01-011.9 MB 
Australian Baseball League - Jerseys, Caps and Logosdavwms2010-11-141.1 MBInfo
Japanese HistoricalNo Pepper2010-08-295.1 MB 
Japanese Independent Leagues Uniform PackNo Pepper2010-08-291.2 MB 
Historical Latin AmericaNo Pepper2009-11-0912.5 MBInfo
Nippon Professional Baseball Leaguehewhoms2008-08-171.1 MBInfo
British League Onecnelid2008-08-033.2 MBInfo
Korean Baseball AssociationNo Pepper2008-08-021.1 MBInfo
English Championship Leaguecnelid2008-07-272.8 MBInfo
Barclay's Premier Leaguecnelid2008-07-201.2 MB 
World Baseball Classicfhomess2008-07-191.4 MB 
Japanesebeatnikpoet132007-07-221.3 MBInfo
Taiwan League Uniformspaulou2007-07-22623.3 KB 
International Uniform and Logo Packtombair1969-12-3129.6 MBInfo
FictionalCreatorUpdatedSizeForum Link
NBA Uniforms and Logos for OOTP eriqjaffe2013-04-119 MBInfo
500+ Fictional Uniform and Logo Sets Spanning 1871-Present Part 1cephasjames2012-04-09132.5 MBInfo
500+ Fictional Uniform and Logo Sets Spanning 1871-Present Part 2cephasjames2012-04-09177.4 MBInfo
500+ Fictional Uniform and Logo Sets Spanning 1871-Present Part 3cephasjames2012-04-0986.9 MB 
Celebrity FaceGen Project IIIChicagofan762012-04-0414.5 MBInfo
Cephasjames' 5000+ Generic Logoscephasjames2012-04-04116.6 MB 
Great Lakes League Uniform and Logo Sets (includes world_default.xml for regional settings with OOTP12 - not required for OOTP13)cephasjames2012-04-0433.5 MBInfo
Michigan League Uniform and Logo Setscephasjames2012-04-0435.1 MBInfo
Celebrity FaceGen Project IIChicagofan762011-12-0118 MB 
Celebrity/Custom FaceGen Project - by Chicagofan76, Dreamteams & MicropterusAll2011-06-1726.9 MB 
OOTP Jersey Template - PhotoShop Elements FormatGern442011-06-1726.9 MB 
West Coast Baseball Association Logos and Uniform PackRabbitZK7492010-06-266.9 MB 
NHL Themed UniformsAthletics172010-01-128.3 MBInfo
Fictional Uniform CompilationAthletics172009-12-1883.4 MBInfo
College Jersey PackRyanVB82009-05-269.9 MBInfo
32-Team College FaceGen Packfhomess2008-07-192.9 MB 
College LogosPuckett Guy2007-07-22425.8 KB 
Fictional Jersey Logo Packsilvam142007-07-228.3 MB 
Fictional Jersey Template Packsilvam142007-07-2212.6 MB 
Generic City Text Uniform Packcephasjames2007-07-2214.9 MB 
Trading Card TemplatesCreatorUpdatedSizeForum Link
1988 Pro CardsThat Seventiesguy2013-08-1441.6 KB 
Donruss 1989That Seventiesguy2013-08-11937.2 KB 
1987 Pro CardsThat Seventiesguy2013-07-0814.6 KB 
1983 O-Pee-Chee Hockeysilvam142013-04-163 MBInfo
1985 O-Pee-Chee Hockeysilvam142013-04-161.2 MBInfo
1986 O-Pee-Cheesilvam142013-04-162 MBInfo
1986 Toppssilvam142013-04-164 MBInfo
Bowman 2006klavier2011-10-0140.7 KBInfo
Donruss 1985klavier2011-10-01205.2 KBInfo
Fleer 1960klavier2011-10-011.9 MBInfo
Ralston Purina 1984klavier2011-10-01316 KBInfo
Upper Deck 2000klavier2011-10-0149.8 KBInfo
Topps 1977klavier2011-08-231.6 MBInfo
Donruss 2003 v2klavier2011-04-10124.9 KBInfo
Donruss 2005 v3klavier2011-04-10478.9 KBInfo
Fleer 1961 v2klavier2011-04-10397.2 KBInfo
Fleer 2001 Showcase v2klavier2011-04-10995.2 KBInfo
Fleer 2004 Inscribed v2klavier2011-04-10337.5 KBInfo
Fleer 2006 Greats of the Gameklavier2011-04-10125.7 KBInfo
Fleer 2006 v2klavier2011-04-10561 KBInfo
Score 1990klavier2011-04-1090.8 KBInfo
Topps Finest 07 v3klavier2011-04-10213.7 KBInfo
Fleer 2001 Platinum v2klavier2011-03-27240.4 KBInfo
Post 1990 v2klavier2011-03-2734 KBInfo
Procards 1989 v2klavier2011-03-27250.4 KBInfo
Custom Templateprodgers2011-01-3150 KBInfo
Hoops 1990blueturf2010-09-15118.9 KBInfo
Allen & Ginter 1887fhomess2010-08-26111.3 KBInfo
Score 1988fhomess2010-08-2211.5 MBInfo
Topps 1961BMW2010-08-172.2 MBInfo
Topps 1973davwms2010-08-1713.1 MBInfo
Topps 1987BMW2010-08-042.2 MBInfo
Topps 1974BMW2010-07-19868.8 KBInfo
Goodwin Champions 1988 (Old Judge)BMW2010-06-20211.3 KBInfo
Upper Deck 1989 v1.1BMW2010-06-20374.1 KBInfo
Other FilesCreatorUpdatedSizeForum Link
Facial Hair Mod for OOTP 14Bobble2014-04-1450.4 MB 
OOTP Jersey Textures and Shading Layersbassman582013-04-144.6 MB 
Gern44's PhotoShop Jersey Template PackGern442012-01-192.7 MB 
Paint Shop Pro X2 Jersey TemplateBassman582011-06-159.3 MB 
Paint Shop Pro X2 Vintage Jersey TemplateBassman582011-06-156.5 MB 
FaceGen Historical BackgroundsCooleyvol2009-11-041.7 MBInfo
Facial Hair Mod v2.0Bobble2009-07-1850.3 MBInfo
Paint Shop Pro Jersey and Cap Tutorial PDFBassman582008-08-021.3 MB 
Fenway Park FaceGen BackgroundsRaidergoo2008-07-272 MBInfo
Paint Shop Pro 7 Circular Logo TemplatesBassman582008-07-27226.6 KB 
Paint Shop Pro 7 Jersey Template 2.0Bassman582008-07-271.5 MB 
Great American Ballpark FaceGen BackgroundsRaidergoo2008-07-131.9 MBInfo
Paint Shop Pro X2 Jersey, Cap and Logo Templatesfhomess2008-07-133.7 MBInfo
Custom Jersey Template v2.0Deft2008-07-062.9 MB 
FaceGen Background Collectionfhomess2008-07-044.9 MBInfo
Facial Hair Mod Booster PackBobble2007-08-1823.6 MB 
Facial Hair Mod v1.0Bobble2007-07-2244.1 MB 
Jersey Styles (Consolidated) v1.0Deft2007-07-224.3 MB 
Custom Cap and Jersey Template v3.0 by Deft and No PepperDeft/No Peppern/an/aInfo

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